General Info

Principal: Mrs Lynette Cuthbertson

Grade Levels: Grade R – Grade 7



Our Mission & Vision

  • ✔ To create a balanced educational environment in which our learners have the opportunity to achieve their full potential – academically, spiritually, socially and physically.
  • ✔ To be a school of excellence, offering top class facilities, teachers and an environment which is conducive to a positive 21st Century learning experience.
  • ✔ To be a school which embraces a functioning value system and upholds respect for all.
  • ✔ To empower and inspire our learners to lead a life of significance.
  • ✔ To offer a dedicated, qualified and caring staff.
  • ✔ Encourage and appreciate an involved and supportive parent body.
  • ✔ Promote a loyal and happy learner community.
  • ✔ To provide a solid educational foundation.
  • ✔ To ensure sound teaching and learning prevails.

About Us

Rynfield Primary School officially opened in 1957, with a total of 337 learners and 10 teachers. The original school consisted of the Administration Block, the Hall, Grade 2 Block and the Senior Block, although only the upstairs classrooms were utilized.
No-one could imagine or even dream of how the school was to progress and grow in the years to come.

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Malherbe Rd,

School Hours

M-F: 07:30am – 14:30pm
Weekends: Closed

Phone & Email

011 849 5215

Our Principal

Welcome to our beautiful School, Rynfield Primary. Our dedicated and committed team are passionate about the young people with whom we work. We also enjoy an involved and supportive parent body at RPS. T-Plan, our value system, is actively embraced in all that we do. At the core is the holistic development of the child.

Mrs Lynette Cuthbertson

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Location: Malherbe Rd, Benoni, Johannesburg, 1500

Telephone: 011 849 5215


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