Rynfield Primary's Sports

Sport at Rynfield Primary School plays an important role and we strive to create a holistic experience and environment for all who participate in sport at RPS. Sport is a great tool that can be used to enhance skills, boost confidence, teach discipline and most importantly, make friends and have fun while doing so. At Rynfield Primary School we offer many different sports including: Swimming, Athletics, Netball, Rugby, Softball, Hockey, Chess, Badminton, Cricket, Cross Country, Mini Netball, Mini Soccer, T-Ball, Mini Cricket, Mini Hockey, Valkie Rugby and Equestrian.

Sports Philosophy

  • To utilize sports, physical education and activities as a means to promote the social, mental and physical well being of our learners.
  • To encourage learners at all levels to participate in sporting activities with the intention of developing our learners holistically.
  • To develop basic sporting skills, knowledge and sportsmanship in the Foundation Phase moving towards enhancing skills and ability in later grades.
  • Applying the ‘FUN’ principle: F{Fun} U{Understanding} N{Nurturing}.
  • Engagement and learning come from and enjoyable, worthwhile experience.
  • To keep our learners involved by having ‘fun’ as well as developing technique, potential and talent.
  • To use sport as a ‘tool’ in the development of learners’ teamwork, team morale, discipline, perseverance, character and leadership skills.
  • To make a difference for the learners not only in the skills & knowledge they learn but also to the life lessons that they learn through playing sport.

Our Sports


2018 has been a truly massive year for Rynfield Primary Athletics. We had the privilege of hosting the 2018 Inter Primary Athletics as well as Greater Benoni. We hosted 3 days for Inter Primary, 5th, 7th and 9th of February 2018. This week was a huge success and we feel we promoted the best outcomes for all learners from all schools that participated this year. Attached are a few photographs from the week.

As for Rynfield Primary School athletics, it is growing from strength to strength. Our programme of ‘The Holy Trinity’ parents, coaches and athletes’ dedication and support have seen our athletes’ skills developing past expectations. We followed an intense talent identification programme where every learner in the school was encouraged to try-out for the team. The learners were run off numerous times to ensure no talent was left undiscovered.

Once our group of athletes were identified we moved into a demanding training phase that saw support from the parents ensuring athletes were at training. Dedication from coaches and athletes saw fitness levels skyrocket. The talents of individuals were nurtured to produce an athletics team that could compete with the best. Numerous friendly invitational meets were held with some of the best talents in the province being showcased. This allowed our athletes to measure themselves against the best. Results were promising showing the development that had been achieved. We ended inter-primary with an amazing 2nd against some tough competition; narrowly missing two trophies by small margins.


RPS ended up with 26 athletes in Greater Benoni. Then we went onto D17 where 18 athletes competed. 8 Athletes progressed to Gauteng Provincial Championships, these athletes were:

  • Coco Janse van Rensburg (U7) 2nd in both 60m and 80m (could not compete at Gauteng because of age)
  • Ashley Robbertse (U8) 2nd in both 60m & 80m. (could not compete at Gauteng because of age)
  • Kosabo Mahamba (U8) 2nd in 60m(could not compete at Gauteng because of age)
  • Daniel Rodwell (U11) 1st in long jump (broke the record), 2nd in 80m &100m
  • Hannah Rodwell (U13) 3rd short hurdle

The base has been established and we look forward to developing our athletes into champions for the next athletics season.

Term: 1 + 4


Rynfield Primary School’s swimming in the 2018 season has been sensational.  The dedication of the coaches, swimmers and everyone in between has truly contributed to the success of swimming this season. Our pool has recently been upgraded and is now one of the best on the East Rand. Our swimmers attend up to 6 trainings a week, 2 per week in the morning and 4 in the afternoons, their commitment does not go unnoticed and always pays off.

At Rynfield Primary School we excel in many sports, however, swimming is one of which we excel in extraordinary measures. There are 3 possible leagues on the East Rand, we proudly participate in the top league and always come out with top results. We compete against the top government schools in the area as well as the top private schools in the area. In the 2017 season, Rynfield Primary won the Individual Inter-Primary League Gala and the Relay Gala that was held at the beginning of the year and the end of the year respectively. Starting of the 2018 season, with 2 wins in the bag was a daunting experience, to get to the top is hard work but to stay there takes a lot more than just hard work. At the beginning of the year we participated in some galas before the big Individual Inter-Primary Gala, both the swimmers and the coaches were very nervous but at the end of the evening, once again we claimed the top spot, we were now Champions for 2 years running.

Term: 1 + 4


After being promoted in 2017, our rugby boys took on the A1 League once again. This means that our school is ranked in the top 16, out of 56 schools, playing in the Valke Region.

Our dream team, the U10’s, managed to make it through to the semi-finals which is a remarkable achievement. We look forward to their 2019 season.

We started rugby in 2007, and in 11 short years to be mixing up with schools that have been competing for double or triple the amount of time, is quite remarkable. Well done to all our coaches and players.

Rynfield Primary Rugby is truly a force to be reckoned with and our school is very proud to say that 3 U13 boys were selected for round 2 of Valke trials as well as 1 was selected for the U12 round 2 of Valke trials.

Rynfield Primary 2nd team received an invite for the St Dunstans Easter Festival, where they would compete in the Primary School division. They performed extremely well and can be so proud.

Our 1st team rugby boys were invited to the prestigious KES Easter Rugby Festival, they competed in the Primary School division where they excelled. These boys exceeded our expectations and can be extraordinarily proud of their achievements.

Term: 2


It has been an exceptionally challenging season for netball at RPS. We are currently in the B League, facing some tough competition, but that has not held us back.

2 of our Netball stars shone bright during the District trials in our 2018 season.

Nikita Wessels made it to the last round of trials for Gauteng but unfortunately did not make the team and Hannah Rodwell made it to the Benoni team and to the first round of trials for the Gauteng team.


Our official League started in April 2018, we competed against 7 schools, Laerskool Northmead, Laerskool Birchleigh, Laerskool Brentwood, Laerskool Westwood, Laerskool Rynfield, Laerskool Oostekruin and Farrarmere Primary.


Our overall league results were as followed:

U10A  team ended 6th and U10B ended 2nd

U11A team ended 7th and U11B team ended 4th

U12A ended 3rd and U12B ended 4th

U13A team ended 1st and U13B ended 4th


The U13A team was our dream team of RPS netball this year, they were the U13 Ekurhuleni Camps of 2018, they were also the Oasis Netball Tournament winners 2018, they also went on to win the St Andrew’s Indoor Netball Tournament 2018.


At Rynfield Primary we try to be as involved as possible, we attended many tournaments where we would always come home with a medal to show off. We also host 3 friendly games as well as a mini tournament that will be an annual tournament where we host the schools that are in our community.

Term: 2


Hockey was introduced at Rynfield Primary in 2011, since then we have grown the sport immensely, by the introduction of the boys’ team arriving in 2014. In the 2018 season, we have 4 girls’ teams participating in the Eastern Gauteng Schools Hockey League, and 2 boys’ teams in their league.  We also have a mini section of the sport where the Grade 1’s, 2’s and 3’s participate in friendly tournaments where they can develop their knowledge, skill and love for the game. Our players don’t only excel as a team, they also excel in the individual aspect of the game.

This season, we have had 1 U11 girl, Kyra Clarke and 3 U12 girls, Morgan Harrison, Tshimologo Maredi and Erin Green make it to the High Performance training element of the Eastern Gauteng selection process. This can be classed as the 2nd round of the trials. Our boys have had trials recently and we have not yet received the results as to who will go further.

Hockey at Rynfield Primary is very popular, we have around 60 players across all teams. We have the privilege of having very passionate coaches, that the players love, the coaches boost their teams’ confidence and promote sportsmanship throughout the season.

Under 10 Girls – The Development Side:

The U10 girls team is classified as the development team, this is the first year of hockey that this age group  would play on a full sized field and not the mini fields in U9. We have a squad of 16 girls in this team, between the ages of 8 and 10, and a rotation system is used that ensures each girl plays an equal amount of games. These girls are exposed to all of the positions and they can find the one they best excel at and use it to their full potential when they move to the U11 age group. Both the girls and the coaches have worked extremely hard during the season, they may not have achieved the results they have hoped for, but they must be commended for their heart and passion with which they played.

Under 11 Girls:

The U11 girl’s side has some fairly young girls playing in it, however they worked extremely hard and won some games. They always showed a great deal of Sportsmanship and courage on the field. The coach and the girls have grown since the beginning of the season and continue to hold the RPS name high. We have had 1 U11 girl advance to the High Performance element of the Eastern Gauteng trials and we wish her all the best for the final round of trials coming up soon.

Under 12 Girls:

This team performed extremely well considering two of their top players we taken up to the Open team, this meant that they were at a disadvantage from the beginning. However, the other girls rose to the occasion and performed well. They attained 2 wins and 2 draws against some tough competition. This team has grown in leaps and bounds, they are defiantly a team to watch in the 2019 season.

Under 11 Boys:

2017 was the first year that Rynfield Primary has entered an U11 boy’s side and for their 3rd year of playing, they have done extremely well. They lost out on a Semi-Final position by 1 point. They played in the St Benedict’s triangular, and with their results they can hold their heads up high. We cross our fingers in hope that some of our boys have made it into the Eastern Gauteng team for next year.

Open Boys:

Our Open Boy’s side has once again excelled in the 2018 season, for some it was their last year of hockey at Primary School and it sure was a memorable one. Participating in their league games as well as getting invited to 2 friendly tournaments, St Benedict’s triangular and the St Dunstan’s tournament. Both invites are considered highly prestigious. This teams biggest achievement was beating the St Benedict’s U13 boys’ team at their triangular. They have exceeded our expectations and they can all be very proud of their achievements this season.

Open Girls:

Our u13 girl’s side is a very experienced team and they excelled throughout the season, their courage and heart that they always played with did not go unnoticed and we thank them for that. They were also invited to the St Dunstan’s tournament and their wins there set the bar high for the season that was ahead. For these girls it was their last season of hockey at Primary School level and they can be proud they ended it off on such a high note. We wish the girls best of luck for the rest of their hockey careers.

Term: 3


Softball has really come along way at Rynfield Primary School. We started playing 10 years ago. Due to our hard work, we are now one of the powerhouses in Ekurhuleni. We had 3 girls’ teams participating in the 2018 season, with 60 girls competing, the most out of every school in the Ekurhuleni League.

We did extremely well this year with one of our teams narrowly missing out on a playoff position. Eastern Gauteng trials went extremely well for our RPS players. We had 5 girls Eastern Gauteng training squad.

Softball is a great sport for us at Rynfield Primary. It is a sport that you don’t necessarily have to be the fittest or strongest to participate in it. This gives pupils that would not always make a sports team, the opportunity to experience the joys that a sport can bring. Developing Children through Sport is something that is very important to us at Rynfield Primary School. RPS is a very proud softball school.

Term: 3

Cross Country

Cross Country is a truly exciting season, this is our true mass participation sport, with every learner encouraged to participate as a sea of red. D17 is one of the strongest districts in cross country racing, with a history of producing many SA champions over the past years.

RPS has won the inter-primary cross country championships on numerous occasions. This is a testament to the effort and dedication from the coaches and athletes in an effort to reach new heights every season. Unfortunately we ended 2nd in the league this season, however, we are looking forward to taking back our title in 2019.

The mass participation aspect of cross country ensures a wide representation of RPS athletes across all participating age groups. Many of these participants develop a skill for running due to training for cross country races that see them take their skills to the athletics track, where they achieve further success.

RPS had 39 athletes qualify for town championships and 37 athletes moved on to D17 District Championships. 3 qualified for Gauteng Provincial Schools Cross Country Championships, all 3 of these athletes placed in the top 20 of their respective age groups at the Championships.

This was a truly successful season for the RPS Cross Country team that saw many goals achieved and many athletes reaching targets greater than expected. We look forward to training for the new season to have a chance at defending our championship record.

Term: 3


Rynfield Primary is a proud cricketing school that always has enough boys to fill up 5 teams and enter the Eastern’s Schools Cricket League. Although our space is limited, we still manage to get all 5 teams onto the field or in the cricket nets 4 times a week working as hard as ever. Our dedicated coaches go above and beyond to maintain the highest standard possible for our boys. Our training sessions are run professionally, ensuring something new is learnt at each session. All the coaches instil passion for the game in the children and go the extra mile for everyone involved in cricket. Due to our hard work and dedication, 4 out of our 5 teams made it to the semi-finals. 4 of our boys, Mark Munava, Josh Travers, Owen Stolle and Adam Kruger all made the Benoni District Team and participated in the Eastern Gauteng Cricket Trials. This is a step in the right direction for our coaches and cricketers, we look forward with great anticipation to the 2019 season.


Cricket Academy

In the 2018 season the coaches also started a cricket academy at Rynfield Primary. The academy strives to produce better cricketers all throughout the year. The academy grew throughout the year to 50 boys all getting individual coaching and support. This was a huge advantage to the boys and their teams; it will also make sure that in the years to come Rynfield Primary will be producing top class cricketers improving our cricket in leaps and bounds.

Due to the mass attendance there has already been a huge improvement in the skill level and knowledge of the game.

Term: 3


Chess is a growing sport at Rynfield Primary and we are very excited for what the future and what this development will mean at Rynfield Primary. We have a junior development team that plays throughout the year and plays friendlies against other schools in our area. Our senior team is a part of the Benoni league and our results really do show the improvement of our chess team.

Vangile Nhlapo: This young lady is really someone to watch in the chess world as her achievements surpass those of other chess players that have played this incredible sport at RPS. Her success did not just happen she has been a dedicated and diligent chess player for many years. Here are just a few of her accolades: She placed 10th in her age group at the 2015 South African Junior Championships. She ranked in the top 20 at the Boksburg Rapid this year out of 72 players and at the 2017 Ekurhuleni Open she place 4th out of 78 players. (not just against girls in the event, I might add)This young lady has been selected for the Ekruhleni A Team for two consecutive years. Last year she participated in both the team event and individual event at the Junior Championships. Through the individual event and her outstanding performance she qualified for the Closed Junior Championships, and finally she qualified to represent her country in the African Youth Chess Championship, which will be held in Egypt in December. Vangile was awarded a Red Honours Blazer for her achievements in chess.


Our badminton team consists of exceptionally young up and coming learners, grade 2’s, 3’s and 4’s. They have great enthusiasm and this was considered a development year for these talented players. We look forward with great anticipation to our 2019 season, we are hoping to encourage more learners to participate in this enjoyable sport.

Rynfield Primary has an exceptional young woman whose name is synonymous with the sport badminton. She has represented Eastern Gauteng for a number of years, and each year has been ranked number 1 in the country for her respective age groups. For her exceptional achievements, a red blazer re-award was presented to Amy Ackerman for her excellence in badminton. For her 2018 season, she was awarded a second re-award, a third red blazer award.

Our Mini Sports

Mini sport are offered to our grade 1, 2 and 3 learners.
It is the developmental stage in a child’s school sporting career.
We work with a mass participation concept, giving all learners the opportunity to learn the rules of the sport in a pressure free, fun and exciting environment.

Supporter’s Club

To all our RPS Parents, Friends and Community, we warmly invite you to be part of our Rynfield Supporter Club (RSC).

The intention is to involve our parents at all levels to support their children’s academic, cultural and sporting activities. We encourage all parents to participate in a manner that assists our children to be the best that they can be no matter the activity they choose on their journey of development.
How can I be a RPS Supporter?

  • Join the ‘Rynfield Supporter’s Club’ – come into the school office to sign up NOW!
  • Attend and support practices, matches, performances and games, whenever possible.
  • All information on all school activities is in the weekly school newsletter.
  • Wear our RPS supporter gear or school colours at events.
  • Encourage our school’s value system, the T-Plan.
  • Embrace our RSC code of conduct and be an example of which your child will be proud.

As a Rynfield Supporter I will:

  • Encourage my child to play sport, participate in cultural and academic activities and practices,
  • Encourage my child’s enjoyment and fun
  • Focus on my child’s efforts and performance rather than just winning or losing.
  • Encourage all children to play by the rules.
  • Never ridicule or yell at a child for losing or making mistakes – and I will remember that all children learn best by example.
  • Give applause, positive feedback and acknowledgment.
  • Never verbally abuse my child at sporting activities and events.
  • Remember when I am next to the field, pool, court or stage, to behave in manner that supports our school values and T-plan ideals.
  • Show appreciation to our children and coaches wherever possible.
  • Always up hold the RPS image that I feel is best for our children and our school’s name.
  • Support each other as parents in times of needed assistance.
  • Encourage my child to treat others as he/she would like to be treated both on and off the field.

Supporters Gear:

Various items of Supporters’ Gear clothing is available.
Please contact the School Office if you are interested.

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