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Our Code of Conduct

School uniform is closely related to school discipline. A smartly dressed learner, wearing the correct uniform, comes to school in a positive frame of mind, ready to work. Pride in oneself, and in the school, is an essential element in giving the learner a positive self-image. These concepts are important for the learner to be happy at school, to feel a sense of belonging.

Our Staff

The Schools Act states that all stakeholders in education must accept responsibility for the organisation of schools, and points out that parents and members of local communities are often in the best position to know what a school really needs and what its problems are. This is why every public school must have a governing body.

Mission & Vision

Rynfield’s Vision

✔ To create a balanced educational environment in which our learners have the opportunity to achieve their full potential – academically, spiritually, socially and physically.

✔ To be a school of excellence, offering top class facilities, teachers and an environment which is conducive to a positive 21st Century learning experience.

✔ To be a school which embraces a functioning value system and upholds respect for all.

✔ To empower and inspire our learners to lead a life of significance.

Rynfield’s Mission

✔ To offer a dedicated, qualified and caring staff.

✔ Encourage and appreciate an involved and supportive parent body.

✔ Promote a loyal and happy learner community.

✔ To provide a solid educational foundation.

✔ To ensure sound teaching and learning prevails.

RPS is enabled by beautiful facilities which include a Science Laboratory, two well stocked Libraries, IT enabled classrooms, a Perceptual Centre, Art Centre and two Computer Centres. Classrooms are maintained by a diligent general assistant team who work tirelessly to ensure that our learners are taught in the best possible environment.
Academic Standards
Rynfield Primary School follows the CAPS Curriculum from Grades R – 7 as prescribed for Public Schools. We have a proud tradition of our learners being readily accepted into High Schools, both locally as well as outside the Province.
Extra Mural Activities
Learners are actively encouraged to participate in the wide spectrum of extra-mural activities offered by the school. The FUN principle is applied: F=Fun, U=Understanding, N=Nurturing. These principles are applied to keep our learners involved by having fun as well as developing techniques, talent and potential.
IT Department
Rynfield Primary School prides itself in being an I.T enabled school.
All our classrooms are equipped with interactive boards and projectors. Teachers are thus able to teach lessons that are visually appealing and creative. Our two Computer Centres are dedicated to teaching our children the skills required to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as to encourage creativity and higher order thinking. Internet usage is allowed in certain lessons and is controlled in a structured and secured environment. Our children are also exposed to other software applications such as Cami Maths, Cami English and Cami Perceptual as well as Purple Mash. Basic Coding and Logo (Educational Programming Learning) is implemented from Grade 5 to Grade 7.
Rynfield Primary School is one of the most updated primary schools in the area when it comes to I.T teaching. Our aim is to enable our learners to become computer literate which will allow them to complete their own research and present projects and speeches in various formats.
The School is currently in the process of implementing an Ed-Admin Portal where parents would be able to go online and access children’s reports, view absenteeism and update personal details.

Extra Curricular activities

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Telephone: 011 849 5215

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