School Fees & Banking Details

The 2017 budget was approved at the School's AGM on 26/10/16. RPS is a fee paying school and School Fees for 2017 are R19 025-00 per pupil per annum, payable in advance.




January School Fees
February School Fees
+ Compulsory contributions
Development Fund
(includes 3 x branded T-shirts)
Grade R Stationery Pack

R2 500*
R2 500*
R 750
R1 000
R6 750

R2 500
(x 11 months)

R27 500

R27 500
- discount   R2 060
- deposit paid*   R5 000
R20 440


January School Fees
February School Fees
+ Compulsory contributions
Development Fund
Grade 1 Stationery Pack
Classroom Stationery
Eye and Ear testing

R1 730*
R1 730*
R 500
R1 250
R 490
R 300
R6 750

R1 730
(March - Oct)
R1 725 (Nov)

R19 025

R19 025
- discount   R1 425
- deposit paid*   R3 460
R14 140

GRADES 2 - 7

R1 730
(Jan - Oct)
R1 725 (Nov)

R19 025

R19 025
- discount   R1 425
R17 600

All new pupils enrolled for Grades 2-7 in 2017, are liable for a once-off development levy of R500 each.

Parents are invoiced for school fees from January – November each year.

No sibling discounts are applicable.

Payment options available are as follows:

R1 730 is payable from January - October, before the 7th of each month.
R1 725 is payable before 7 November.
Choice of 4 Debit Order dates: 1st, 16th, 21st or 26th of the month.

The discounted amount is only available for payments made by 31 December 2016.
Please email proof of payment to
No Credit Card or Cash payments will be accepted on the discounted amount.

Banking Details

Rynfield Primary School Bank : ABSA
Account Number : 220143422
Branch Code : 630242
Account Type : Cheque Account

Reference :
Use reference number at top right hand side of monthly statement or pupil's name, surname and grade.

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Code of Conduct


Hair Regulations:


No jewellery, other than a wristwatch or Medic Alert bracelet/medallion, may be worn.


A high standard of behaviour is expected of pupils at all times.

Respect should be shown, for example, in the following ways:
greet all members of staff.
greet and display a helpful attitude to visitors to the school.
co-operate fully with relief teachers or student teachers.
be silent during School Assembly periods.

Merits & Offences

A system of Merits and Offences is used in the school.

Commendable work/behaviour is rewarded by 3 house points.

Persistent neglect of homework will result in the loss of 1 house point.

Unacceptable behaviour may result in punishment and the pupil losing 2 house points.

Detention (Grades 4-7)

Homework and behavioural offenders are required to attend detention at a stipulated time on a Friday afternoon.

School Discipline and Rules

Pupils must attend school during the prescribed school hours. No pupil may leave the school grounds during school hours without the prior permission of the Principal or Deputy Principal.

Whilst a pupil is under the supervision of the school, he or she may not harm or endanger the physical or mental well being of a fellow pupil. Pupils may not be in possession of any object whatsoever, which, in the opinion of the Staff, could be considered dangerous or could cause injury.

Whether in or out of school uniform, pupils will conduct themselves in such a manner so as to bring credit to the school.

No pupil may

Commit any form of vandalism at the school, to the property of the staff, or that of any other pupil deface the property of the school, the staff or any other pupil, steal or tamper with another person's property

Swear or use bad language

Disobey the instructions of the Scholar Patrollers or Traffic Warden on duty;
    ride a bicycle inside the school grounds or play on skateboards;
    litter any area at school – in the classroom or playground;
    run on the corridor

Chew gum

Disrupt a lesson by unruly or unacceptable behaviour.

Bring a cellular telephone to school. In the event of a cellular telephone being stolen/lost, the school will exonerate itself from the situation.

Disrupt or interfere with the education of another pupil.

If such a situation persists then disciplinary procedures against the pupil will be enforced.

Before School

Place bags at assembly points and go straight to the playground.

No one is allowed in the classrooms or on the corridor.

Only when it rains pupils may wait on the corridor for the teacher to open the classroom.

Once the pupils have arrived at school they may not leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal or Deputy Principal.

During School

Be prompt. Line up as the first bell rings. No talking/playing in the line.

Walk quietly in line when moving around the school.

Do not play in the toilets.

Silence in the Hall at Assembly.

Only come to the office if they have to pay in school fees, have been sent with a message or are hurt or feeling sick.

The swimming pool is out of bounds, except during swimming lessons when a teacher or other responsible adult is on duty.

In the classroom :

Take pride in their classroom and keep it neat and tidy.
Not litter.
Not scribble on desks.
Not damage textbooks.
Show respect to their teacher and give of their best at all times
Ask their teacher for assistance of they need help with their work.

On the playground :

Play in their allocated section of the playground.
No rough play is allowed.
Only large balls may be taken out to the playgrounds - no tennis balls, or cricket balls etc.

After school :

Go home promptly.
Obey all traffic rules whether riding, walking or in a car.
No one is allowed on school property after school hours, or after their extra-mural activity has ended.
Never accept ice creams or sweets, or take lifts from strangers.
Aftercare pupils must report to the Centre as soon as possible after school has finished.
Be correctly dressed with regards to school uniform (shoes and socks on at all times).

School Enrichment :

Pupils are expected to display sportsmanship at all times.
Remember to always do their best whether winning or losing.
Wear the appropriate clothing for the various activities.
Thank the teachers or coaches on duty.

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